An update on Buddy's eyes

Hi pal,

It's Buddy Mercury's mom and dad here, Laurie and Glen.

We are once again overwhelmed by your love, prayers and very kind messages to Buddy and our family! We are so grateful and appreciate all of your support.

We'll continue to keep you updated on Buddy's eyes. This past week we brought him for the follow-up eye specialist visit (to see Dr. Noelle La Croix). We don't expect to receive good news at these visits because we understand his diagnosis.

If you missed the news, Buddy has an inherited eye disease - PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). We learned about this a few months ago and if you missed the details, you can read our blog by clicking here.

So at Dr. La Croix's office we learned that Buddy's eye pressure went up slightly. He is not in any pain but we want to ensure his eye pressure is in the normal range.

She prescribed another eye drop that should help to bring his eye pressure back down again. But this eye drop brings Buddy up to three prescription eye drops each day. One in the right eye and two in the left eye. Since the left eye is worse, that eye gets drops 3x a day.

And he remains on his eye health vitamin too.

We already know that he cannot see out of his left eye. The goal is now to prolong the vision in his right eye for as long as we can. But, we're seeing some changes already and you'll notice them as well in his photos and videos.

Though, with the addition of the 3rd eye drop (the new one this week), we're noticing that the cloudiness in his left eye is not as noticeable. So you might notice that in our photos - it doesn't mean that his eyes are healing.

Sadly, there is no cure for PRA. We understand that he will lose his vision completely. And though it's heartbreaking for we humans to hear that, Dr. La Croix reminded us that this is not bothering Buddy.

Buddy uses his other senses to help him get around pretty well. Some have asked if he's acting differently. And you know what? We have noticed one very distinct change. He has become a LAP DOG!

Prior to his vision changes you would really have to pick him up and place him in your lap. Now he just jumps right on your lap and snuggles in! Pretty incredible and no one is complaining.

We're grateful that Buddy will live a long, happy life and since dogs are so adaptable, he will be okay. Oh, and his next ophthalmology follow up appointment is in March. In between ophthalmology appointments, he sees our regular vet to check his eye pressure.

Many of you have asked how to help. We can feel your good vibes, healing energy, prayers and love! And that's all we need - Buddy is in good hands and we'll do everything possible to take the best care of him.

We made that promise the day we rescued him. And Buddy's diagnosis will not stand in the way of our mission to spread joy and be an advocate for animal rescue!

If you wish to sponsor a special gift for Buddy, here's a place to leave a tip.

And if you're adding Buddy to your Christmas card list, here is our mailing address :

Buddy Mercury
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Thank you for being part of our community! The holidays are here and we have lots of happiness to spread! The world needs ALL THE LOVE!

Have a happy weekend,
and Glen


Buddy's eye drops -

Two can stay in the cabinet and one has to be refrigerated.

He doesn't love eye drop time but we make the best of it! 


Buddy's such a love! We're proud of him and he knows it.


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