Buddy Mercury surprises his sweetheart!

Love is in the air!

On Feb 6th Buddy Mercury dedicated a song to his sweetheart, Winnie Jean, on Instagram! It caught Winnie by surprise! She commented "OH.MY.PAWS! For me? I'm star struck!"

One of Buddy Mercury's followers, @rose.m.lio, wrote: "This is more than I can take! LOL! It sounds absolutely beautiful! You and @winniejeanbeagle make an adorable couple! You're a match made in heaven!"

Winnie Jean is celebrating her 1st Gotcha Day today and her 4th Birthday. Follow all the fun online! #WagIt4WinnieJeans1stGotchaDay


Winnie Jean mailed Buddy Mercury a Valentine's Day card!

Winnie's sweetheart surprise is in the mail! Can you guess what Buddy Mercury sent to his sweetheart? Stay tuned and later this week we will share all the details!

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