Buddy's Eye Health Update

Hi pal,

It's Buddy Mercury's mom and dad here, Laurie and Glen.

We promised you an update on Buddy's eye health. This is not an easy one to write! But we feel the love, strength and prayers you have been sending to us.

Buddy has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This is inherited and we're told there was nothing we could have done to prevent it. Sadly, there is no cure. His diagnosis is so heartbreaking because eventually he will lose his vision completely.

We know in our hearts that we're his angels on Earth to help him adapt and acclimate without vision. 

We rescued him in 2016 (when he was about 1 year old) and we promised to take the best care of him. He needs us now more than ever!

The good news is that he will live a long, happy life and since dogs are so adaptable, he will be okay. After all, he's mostly beagle, and he walks with his nose to the ground!

He is taking a prescription drop in the left eye 3x a day. A different prescription drop in the right eye 1x a day. Plus, we started him on an eye health vitamin months ago.

These eye drops are helping to keep his eye pressure in the normal range. We learned more good news this week that he's doing well on this regime. And, we'll take ANY and ALL good news right now.

He's got an ophthalmology follow up appointment scheduled to keep a close watch on this.

The office suggested a book to help us learn about living with a blind dog. If you have experience and want to share with us, please write to us at BuddyMercurySings@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you.

On a happy note, the vet tech told us that it will be most important for Buddy if he sticks to his routine. And, part of his routine is playing the piano! Gosh, this made us smile! Buddy is the happiest little pup and wags away while playing piano and singing! This diagnosis will not stand in the way of his mission to spread joy and be an advocate for animal rescue!

Please continue sending us your good vibes, healing energy, prayers and love. We do believe in miracles and although he's lost vision in his left eye, maybe his right eye will not diminish as quickly.

Buddy continues to play piano, take his long beagle naps and enjoy many walkies. He even performed his 250th Cameo this week!

Thank you for being such an important part of our community! We have fun plans for the Fall and upcoming holiday season. And we can't wait to share more!

and Glen



  • We are sorry to read about Buddy Mercury’s health. He brings so much joy to so many, we have become fans too. So talented, what a voice. Lucky you have each other. Keeping Buddy and your family in our thoughts. Give Buddy a 🤗.

    Watson Family
  • Hello beautiful boy. I too almost lost my sight because of diabetic retinopathy but here I am five years later still able to see the world. miracles do happen…love and happiness to you all from the UK.

    Kate K
  • We had a blind cocker spainel, he was a very sweet dog, If you were not told about his blindness, you would not have known. We never changed any furniture, he would zip through the house, with the younger children. His name was Cuddly Duddly, he passed of old age. Give Buddy a hug for us.

    Rebecca Mcfadden
  • Buddy is an amazing boy. He will acclimated to his situation with flying colors. This is a bump he does not deserve but with the love and support he receives from his beautiful family and all the love he receives everyday from his community this little angel will continue to shine. Buddy is a superstar and there is nothing he can’t tackle. Keeping you all in our hearts. My family and I send love and prayers to Buddy and family. Be brave and stay strong. You are all loved very much. 💖💖💖💖💖

    Tamar Rosenberg-Walker
  • Stay positive as you are, love Buddy, love each other. We love your family, adore little Buddy Mercury! Pray for his sight and health and thank you for being such a wonderful humans! Love you all, guys! Greetings from Serbia ❤❤

    Natasa Perun

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