Calendar Contest - Share the Love!

Comment on this blog and tell us how you are celebrating Valentine's Day!

We want to hear all about the LOVE this week! Tell us how you are celebrating Valentine's Day! Leave a comment on this blog for a chance to win a Buddy Mercury 2020 calendar and a PAW-2-GRAF!

I hope you enjoy this totally PAWSOME Calendar Contest! This contest is in appreciation of YOU and in celebration of Valentine's Day. Cupid comes in all shapes and form! Some Cupids are Grandmas, Grandpas, Mommies and Daddies. Some Cupids are Spouses, Partners, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts and Uncles! Some Cupids are Doggies, Puppies, Cats and Kitties!


Feel the Love this Week!

Share the Love this Week!

Be the Love this Week!


Two lucky Budsters will each WIN a Buddy Mercury 2020 calendar!


My Calendar Contest ends on February 15, 2020.
Winner to be announced on February 16, 2020.

My family and I are so thankful for YOU! Sending you love, gratitude and a big happy heart!

Good luck Budsters, and thank you for being subscriber! AROOO!!!!!!
*Contest winner must comment on this blog and share how they are celebrating Valentine's Day. Calendar prizes may only be shipped to an address in the U.S. and winner must be a Buddy Mercury email subscriber.


  • Very informative. It’s like how we teach piano vs how we learn guitar. i.e. piano is a theory first, playing music comes later. Guitar, you learn 3 chords and you can make music right away. I’m pulling my son out of his piano lessons because I need a different approach for him

    Julia Albert
  • Valentines theme breakfast with the kids before sending them away for the night to their favorite aunt. Then we are doing a wine tasting, dinner and a valentines theme haunted house!!!

    Amy P.
  • This year I’m going to make heart shaped chicken ravioli for my hubby and a special treat for our 2 doggies, Max and Candy❤

    It was last year on Valentine’s day that my husband was given a devastating diagnosis. And now a year later, we’re celebrating that he’s doing soo much better ❣❣

    We came across Buddy’s videos, last year, during a hospital stay and immediately fell in love with him 🐾❤❤. The videos are so uplifting, hilarious, and full of positive energy. ❣ We wanted to thank you guys for spreading the love for animals and advocating for such a good cause ❤🐶❤ We love animals and are in the process of adopting a third one🐶

    Your videos have brought cheer and laughter 🤣😂😊at times when we needed it the most!

    Sending you lots of love❤Have a happy, wonderful,fun Valentine’s day❣❣❣

    Nathalia and Leslie G.

    Nathalia G.
  • I am going to make a special supper for my hubby, complete with candlelight. He loves carrot cake so I’m going to make him a heart shaped one :) I am also making special heart shaped treats for my two doggies, Tinky and Sable. I’m also baking cookies with my grandchildren for them to take home and I will definitely be giving to rescues near and dear to my heart. ❤️

    Beth H.
  • Well I myself am single this year for Valentines Day. So that ensures that I will be spending February 14th 2020 much like I do every night!!!! Trying to take over the world!!! (Said Pinky And The Brain style) For all those that dont speak Animaniacs, this means that i will be painting and pursuing my goal to be an artist. Maybe one of these days that cute guy I like will ask me to go on a date with him, and then Ill have some interesting tale to tell about romance… Happy Valentines Day Buddy Mercury and Lil Sis. May yall be loved all 365 days of the year!!! 💋❤💋❤💋❤

    Sepiso LaTanya-Marie Ililonga

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