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Comment on this blog and tell us your rescue story.

Thank you for being a Budster! and, thank you for adopting! We want to hear all about your rescue! Leave a comment on this blog for a chance to win a Buddy Mercury 2020 calendar!

I hope you enjoy this totally PAWSOME Calendar Contest! This contest is in appreciate of YOU and in celebration of winning Good Morning America's Most Talented Pet of the Year!

Five lucky Budsters will each WIN a Buddy Mercury 2020 calendar!


My Calendar Contest ends on December 25, 2019.
Winner to be announced on December 26, 2019 (The day after Christmas!)

My family and I are so thankful for YOU! Sending you love, gratitude and happiness - and wishes for a Happy and Healthy Howliday season! 

Good luck Budsters, and thank you for being subscriber! AROOO!!!!!!
*Contest winner must comment on this blog and share their rescue story. Calendar prizes may only be shipped to an address in the U.S. and winner must be a Buddy Mercury email subscriber.


  • I lost my Dionne after 16 years in January 2009. My son and I were heartbroken. My coworker said to me I’m going to the animal shelter after she saw how miserable my son and I were. As soon as I got home she called me. I’m at the shelter there is a lady here with a dog and she hasn’t surrendered her yet. So we got in the car and rushed to the shelter. Someone had left this 4 month old baby in the park. This lady found her but couldn’t keep her. I asked her if my son could hold her (he has special needs) and as soon as they looked into each others eyes you could instantly see them connect. We decided to bring her home for the weekend to see how things went. My son held her most of the time and talked to her. We found out quickly she had been terribly abused. You couldn’t raise your hand to pet her head she would duck down and start trembling. In the car she shook so bad I would have to pull over and comfort her. She only stayed in my son’s room on his bed. She was afraid to come out if he wasn’t at home. I have never seen a dog tremble at everything like that. This year we have had her 10 years. She has overcome her fears now and if we are sick the is our nurse. We named her Precious because she became Precious to us as soon as we met her.

    Delphine Jones
  • I rescued my boxer, Suki, in 2003, from a neighbor who was doing a friend “a favor” by taking the dog. She’d been a show dog, then was used for breeding. By the time she was four years old, the owner didn’t want her anymore and gave her to a friend. My daughter was walking home from school one day and heard the dog yelping. My gutsy daughter knocked on the neighbor’s door and asked why the dog was yelping. Well, she was being beaten for stealing pizza off the stove. The owner said “Do you want a dog? We didn’t really want her but were doing our friend a favor.” My daughter ran home and told me about it; I went over to see the dog, fell in love with her, and the next day she was ours. Although boxers are only expected to live 8-10 years, she lived to be 14 years old with us. She’s one of the very best pets we ever had! <3

    Barb Milone
  • I was rescued from the darkest hell hole. The Savior of all the living came roaring into my life and rescued me!

  • This is Peaches’ story…
    I lost my Amber 4 years ago, and was hurting so much over the loss of her. Within 2 days of Amber passing, I started searching for a new Pekingese on I found a picture of a beautiful doggie and II knew that this was the doggie for me. I read her profile and was heartbroken. She had been through so much. She came from a household where there was a girlfriend and her boyfriend that had broken up. The boyfriend was trying get back at the girlfriend by keeping Peaches. The poor little doggie was abused. It ended up being a court case. In Geirgia, when the SPCA picks up an animal, the only thing that they can do for the animal is to give it a rabie shot. She was living with heartworms, a hernia, was pregnant, her eyes were in such bad shape that they they thought that she was blind in both eyes and she was 12 lbs and should have weighed 19 lbs. Rememver, she was pregnant and only weighed 12 lbs. I immediately called the SPCA. I am in Texas and Peaches was in Georgia. So I was basically calling to see if they would do and adoption out of state. At that point they told me yes they would do the adoption but I would have to come pick her up. The next day I had a question about how old she was because it was not listed in her profile. I called the SPCA back, and the girl on the other end of the phone told me that the Foster decided that he was going keep her and not give her up. They did however, give me the phone number for the Foster and told me that I could call him if I wanted to. I proceeded to call Eric and we were on the phone for about an hour talking about Peaches and my loss Amber. He proceeded to say that I could go ahead and call the SPCA and tell them that he had gone ahead and decided that he was going to let me adopt Peaches. Long story short, my dad and I got into truck the next morning and made the 13 hour drive to Georgia to pick Peaches up.

    Eric did add that his neighbor did not realize that he was putting Peaches up for adoption and that if I changed my mind, she would pay for the plane ticket back to Georgia because she wanted her. Can you imagine that her foster, the neighbor and I all wanted her,

    I have had her for 4 years now, and love her to death. She has brought so much joy to me and we are the match for each other. I could not ever emagine having any other doggie in my life. She is the best thing that God could have ever given to me.

    You bring joy to my life every time you post a new video of buddy singing.

    I am so proud of him winning the Good Morning America doggy talent show! He so deserved that award!

    I hope that all of you and buddy have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

    Hugs and love from me and Peaches.

    Ramona A. La Point
  • My mom gave my son a nickname when he was born. It was Stoney. He was a miracle baby never supposed to be here. When we lost our 1st adopted little furball we went to adopt again. My son wanted a black kitty but while I was standing in the place i heard a faint noise. I turned around and saw a grey tiny little furball. I fell in love and when I asked about him, they said his name was Stoney. We had to get him and now he’s got YouTube and Twitter family. He’s a beautiful, smart and much loved little furball.

    Laura Van Horn

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