Clear the Shelters

Have you heard about Clear the Shelters?

This Saturday, August 17, 2019 (and many events on Sunday, August 18, 2019 as well) is the 5th Annual Clear the Shelters event!

People magazine author, Kelli Bender, writes "Every day is a great day to give a shelter pet a forever home. When you adopt a rescue pet, you are saving two lives: that of the pet you are bringing home, and that of the homeless pet who gets to fill the spot at the shelter. On Aug. 17, it will be even easier to be a superhero to animals, because it’s Clear The Shelter" day.
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Another wonderful way to help is to volunteer at a local shelter. Every minute you can volunteer really does make a difference. Shelter pets need us!


Thank you for spreading the word about this weekend!

Share with a friend.

Stop by a shelter.

Donate. Volunteer. Adopt.


Budsters, you're the best! To encourage pet adoption, I've written a new song! It's called Clear the Shelters! click here to watch the full length video on my YouTube channel and click subscribe while you're there!

Love you AROOOO!!!!!!

- buddy mercury

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