Hey, Budsters! I love you guys!

It's official! Buddy Mercury fans are now known as proud Budsters!
Together we're making a big difference in the world! AROOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
When you share Buddy Mercury's content, you are supporting rescues.
When you wear Buddy Mercury gear, or you purchase a Buddy Mercury song or ring tone, you are supporting rescues.
See? It's simple. Why shop, when you can adopt?
Your furry friend is waiting for you!
Visit a shelter or an adoption event today in your local area.
Be patient if you don't find the right fit for your family on your first visit. Not able to adopt just yet? That's okay! Volunteer, get involved. But mostly, L-O-V-E and L-A-U-G-H. 
love you guys!
-buddy mercury


buddy mercury dog piano playing beagle sings howls queen Freddie Mercury

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