Honoring Betty White

 Buddy Mercury Honors Betty White


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All around the world fans of Betty White are paying tribute to her legacy!

We want to hear how YOU are celebrating her 100th birthday. 


Are you watching Golden Girls on repeat?

Are you donating to your favorite animal shelter or rescue?

Are you heading to the movie theater to see Betty White 100 Years Young?



Have you considered volunteering or fostering?

Or, maybe you're planning to adopt!


Comment on this blog and share how you will honor Betty.


Buddy Mercury and his family will be selecting 100 fans to receive a FREE 2022 Buddy Mercury calendar and Buddy sticker!

Tell us your story and those who go above and beyond in honoring Betty will receive these very special gifts from Buddy!



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  • Before watching Betty White on the Golden Girls sitcom, I had seen her in other comedic skits, at a roast, talk shows or other comedy venues. She is quite a funny person. It was a rarity to experience a beautiful woman and her comedic ways all in one package. You could have had the worst day in your life, then got a glimpse of her and her genuine gorgeous smile, and it would change your disposition in a heartbeat. She has the most beautiful eyes, I’ve ever seen. They say, that looking in to someone’s eyes deeply is like looking deep in to their souls. As the eyes are the gateways to our souls. With Betty, you only needed to look at her joyful beaming face. I believe Betty exposed her soul to us, since day one of being recorded with a camera. She and my Nana looked like sister’s, only my Nana was a beautiful redhead, same hair style as Betty’s. It wasn’t until she had been playing her Golden Girl role, Rose, for a year or so, that I came to learn she was a animal activist, advocate and lover. That was the moment for me to gain great insight about this woman. She wasn’t just beautiful on the outside, but beautiful in the very depths of her core. I have mad love & respect for Betty White. She wasn’t just a funny woman; she was a very empathetic & sympathetic advocate for those (animals) who could not speak for themselves. She was a very compassionate woman who set the bar high without trying to. She did what she knew…..needed to be done. That’s when I realized I could do something for animals rights and their well being. She opened my eyes about 40 years ago, and it was the first grouping I did charity and or donated towards their needs and causes. My only regret, I wish I could have met her for a glass of iced tea or lemonade, and got to hold her hand while we talked about anything and everything of importance of no importance. R.I.P. my friend, Betty White.

    Deborah G
  • Presley is 13 years young and a music fan since a pup also loves listening to Buddy! I myself have worked for The Seeing Eye in Morristown NJ helping care for the dogs of a cause that Betty loved so well and frequently worked with to raise charity and awareness for the blind. Presley himself also was in a calendar, the WDHA 105.5 Rock Dog calendar and was featured in an episode of Blue Bloods (season 10 episode 10). Hoping to become a star like Betty herself! His owner Mitch having also frequently volunteered at shelters and also providing dog training services in New Jersey with his business Canine Mindful Training so other pups can be Caining Good Citizens too! We watch Buddy all the time!

    Mitchell Metz and Presley
  • Betty White was present in my life very early when Golden Girls was aired here in Brazil! I loved that show and it was my initial contact with Ms. White work. After that every little part or participation in films was always a pleasure, a moment of fun! The other day Ryan Reynolds posted her “critic” to his first Deadpool movie. It was all Betty’d humour there! I laughed out loud! Heer legacy and her love for the animal (angels) cause made me love her even more! I’ll miss her!

  • I have been a Golden Girls fan since a little kid. My Nanny and I used to crotchet together while watching it. I watch Golden Girls all of the time . We also love Beagles. Our last beagle Roxy was 13 1/2 when she passed. Now we have Luna who is 1 1/2 and Dodger a beagle/coonhound mix who we fostered and then adopted. I donated to shelters in honor of Betty and always try to help animals in need. My family loves animals! We also love Buddy

    michelle Kalaydjian
  • I donated in honor of Betty to the local shelter and my previous rescues were all beagles or beagle mixes! I would be honored to get a calendar. I love the videos. 💞🐶


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