Honoring Betty White

 Buddy Mercury Honors Betty White


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All around the world fans of Betty White are paying tribute to her legacy!

We want to hear how YOU are celebrating her 100th birthday. 


Are you watching Golden Girls on repeat?

Are you donating to your favorite animal shelter or rescue?

Are you heading to the movie theater to see Betty White 100 Years Young?



Have you considered volunteering or fostering?

Or, maybe you're planning to adopt!


Comment on this blog and share how you will honor Betty.


Buddy Mercury and his family will be selecting 100 fans to receive a FREE 2022 Buddy Mercury calendar and Buddy sticker!

Tell us your story and those who go above and beyond in honoring Betty will receive these very special gifts from Buddy!



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  • We went to the theater today to celebrate the life and legacy of Betty White. We have been caring for our Mother/MIL for the past 1-1/2 years as she has experienced 3 surgeries for a broken femur (it broke 3 separate times) and then a broken tailbone last month. Mom is 87. We have been so very sad that Betty didn’t quite make it to her birthday and it has felt that she left us too soon. But, after seeing all of her tributes and remembering all of the laughter she brought to us throughout our lives, we know that her legacy lives on. We grew up watching her on Mary Tyler Moore, and later Golden Girls, and then Hot in Cleveland. Plus watching all of her talk show appearances, SNL and especially The Proposal. Most of all, we adore animals and love how much Betty loved animals. We will never forget her and. Will absolutely make a donation in her name when things turn around for us. I have been unemployed for 2 years now and despite numerous interviews, I haven’t found my mew company yet.

    Thank you Buddy Mercury for the smiles you bring us on IG.


    Timm & Shelley
  • P.S. I forgot to mention, I happily donated to the Humane Society today in honor of Betty White’s birthday!

    Rick & Janet Flores
  • In 2017 at 55 yrs old I lost my mom. My depression kicked into high gear when I saw this posting on Facebook about an 11 yr old doggie named Lucy who was placed in a shelter. I immediately inquired about her and immediately adopted her from South Carolina. Sight unseen. Unknowing what she’d be like. She ended up being the sweetest happiest most grateful little pup in the world. I never owned a dog. She was my first. I spoiled her rotten and she loved me so very hard. I just lost her this past August. She gave me a heart filled that was empty.i will do it again to another senior. I’d like a boy this time.

    Louise c Mullins
  • We are sad to hear of the passing of BETTY WHITE 🥺😭 we watched many shows with her on it , they made us laugh 😂
    We’ve had 2 dogs in our younger years, sadly they have passed away 🥺😭LOGAN 15 1/2 years old and DIAMOND 14 years old … WE MISS THEM SOOOO MUCH 🥺 THEY WERE PART OF OUR FAMILY LIKE KIDS
    Time goes by so quickly, it’s gone before you know it
    We’ve been married 43 years this year
    Thank for your time ….

    Robert and Ruth Siders
  • Rescuer of a loving silly old dog. He is the perfect service animal for my sister. Hes got the heart of a pup, loved too do his lil dance and even loves too drag race….. when hes not going that he loves too cuddle. Hes a sweet fox terrier.

    Ryan Cowell

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