It's been 37 days ...

Your incredible notes of immense love for Buddy combined with hearing about how he touched your life has helped our family move through this tremendous pain and grief. 

We have received the most heartfelt cards, beautiful memorial gifts, and other touching surprises over the past five weeks. We lost count at the number of tulips that we will be planting in Buddy's honor! What we do know is that it's going to be monumental. 

Just like our boy. He was monumental.  

He was angelic on Earth.

He was our soul dog.

He was a hero.

CNN agreed. If you missed our interview, watch it here.


If you wanto see Buddy Mercury inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, consider contacting them here:


Buddy passed away 37 days ago and it's like our world stopped turning. We had no notice. We had nothing prepared. Complete and utter shock.

We know you understand. We have heard countless stories of others going through the same and we wish to send you a great big hug! The bigger the love, the bigger the loss.

And we loved Buddy BIG! You loved Buddy BIG too! 

The day we announced his passing didn't feel real and in many ways it still does not. We have been struggling. It's been over a month without our B-Buddily Boo Bear to snuggle with and take care of.

Afterall, we made a promise to him the day we adopted Bud. And we would take care of him for all of eternity if that was possible!  

Many have asked us about our plans, and we absolutely wish to rescue a pup when the time is right for our family. And hey, if this pup happens to sing or have another hidden talent, you will be the first to know! 


Buddy's Gifts

Buddy's backyard garden performance is such a gift to all of us!

He played this beautiful song on May 30th and we had no idea it would be his last piano pawformance on Earth. What a gift he gave to all of us - and we hope that by sharing with you, it also brought a smile!


He loved his backyard so much! Here are some photos to enjoy.



And speaking of photos, if you ordered any Buddy merch since his passing, we are mailing you a beautiful keepsake photo in your happy mail so be sure to check your mailbox and let us know on socials when you receive it. We would love to see Buddy's photo on your fridge or in a frame!



Our family will continue to send a monthly donation to shelters that help save animals! Your support really means the world.


Grab Yours Before They Go!

*FREE shipping and a FREE sticker with every Buddy keychain!



*free shipping applies to keychains and stickers.



Thank you so much for your love and care during this time! We have much more to share, so please stick around pals!

Glen, Laurie and Lil Sis


Helping animals and spreading joy AROO!

Buddy's tip cup

Buddy Mercury donates 10% to shelters that help save animals!


Buddy Mercury

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  • My Mom, who is not feeling too well these days, is the recipient of alot of Buddy’s socks over the past few years. Her love of Beagles transferred over to me, many years ago. She absolutely got a kick out of Buddy’s antics and loved him so much. Along with a ton of love and happy memories, comes the awful times like this, that just lingers on and on without let up. That silence that now hangs over the house like a dark cloud; no more beagle howling, no more piano key strokes. No more treats. The only thing to help is the passage of time, time which only blunts that red-hot pain you feel right now.

    Every single one of us who have taken to love an animal of most any kind, feels your loss cause we’ve all been there. With your help, Buddy is responsible for alot of good in this world. An amazing story, Buddy’s. One of a kind, like every Beagle, every doggy born into this world. They are all, so very special. There will come that time, when the pain of Buddy’s loss, will ease a bit. Just a bit. You will know when that time comes. And you will realize, as each of us all have; that despite the pain of great loss, somewhere, a Beagle pup is being born into this world that will need love and care for him or her to get by. And with that, Buddy’s story will continue on, just as all of the pets we have lost, continue to live in our hearts until the day comes when we join them in heaven.

    Michael Notigan
  • I saw Buddy’s picture on social and started crying automatically. I went to his website to see what news you had and cried some more. I watched the CNN piece & was thrilled he got the acclaim he deserved. Loved the video of your daughter dancing next to Buddy. How adorable! She really grew up with Buddy and must miss him terribly like you guys do. I didn’t realize he was blind the last 2 yrs. That’s about when I saw him for the first time. What fun & how much love he exuded! We lost our 4th beagle (and 3rd rescue beagle) Molly in Jan 2021 to illness. She died of cardiac arrest at the hospital where she was for observation. We had no idea,that could happen and the Internist said she didn’t expect that to happen. We lost out oldest cat 6 weeks later, who had gone out of his way to stay by my side after I found out Molly was gone. We got our first beagle from breeders at 10 wks old but when she had a stroke and crossed, I decided I wanted to honor her by adopting an adult female beagle. It was the best thing I ever did! We adopted 2 more adult beagles over the years. When our last beagle crossed, my husband said he wasn’t ready for another one. I stopped looking. Somebody sent me one of Buddy’s videos and I was hooked! I had seen beagles sing with their owners or with music but never saw both singing and playing the keyboard. It made me so happy watching him pawform in different locations. Had no idea he was playing blind until I just read that. So he was like a Stevie Wonder the last 2 yrs. He did give me such joy, not having a beagle of my own after 31 yrs with at least 1 beagle in our home, one time 2 when we adopted a deaf senior beagle 1 yr after our fist rescue beagle. I left a couple of comments the day I read of Buddy’s and when you posted some photos of him after. I watched his last pawformance the day you shared it, not realizing until after I enjoyed it, that it was his last…at least here on earth. I couldn’t stop crying, kind of like right now. But I am glad to send you this to thank you for sharing your sweet Buddy with me. I always looked forward to new videos. I know I can still come here and watch him at any time. Glad to know you will adopt another when you guys are ready. Sure your daughter would love another beagle-companion sometime as well. She will never forget her very special Buddy & will always have your huge collection of him playing music and Aa-roooing along. Thanks for donating to help rescue dogs. I didn’t know that until today either. So sorry you have to go thru this loss and pain. Love the campaign to get him on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Odder things have happened! 💖💖💖

    Ilene C.
  • i love beagles and from the first time i saw buddy it was a lift he gave me. he has been a gift to many people through your sharing of his story and the vidios. thank you so much for sharing buddy with the world. we have a beagle named elvis and he is a character as well. we try to feed him the best diet and give him the love to thrieve. thank you again for the gift of buddy

    keith schultz
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I did not see the announcement before now. Buddy was such a beautiful boy and had such an ability to show his spirit. Anyone could see how much he was loved and appreciated. He truly will live on forever in the hearts of all who were able to follow his musical talent. We had a Buddy years ago, and although he too was a Beagle, well-loved, and a real character on his own, he never played music. However, since he was a Beagle, he did have a voice, which he used often. May your memories of Buddy Mercury be long, good, and in your heart forever.

    Sandra Grafius


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