It's been 37 days ...

Your incredible notes of immense love for Buddy combined with hearing about how he touched your life has helped our family move through this tremendous pain and grief. 

We have received the most heartfelt cards, beautiful memorial gifts, and other touching surprises over the past five weeks. We lost count at the number of tulips that we will be planting in Buddy's honor! What we do know is that it's going to be monumental. 

Just like our boy. He was monumental.  

He was angelic on Earth.

He was our soul dog.

He was a hero.

CNN agreed. If you missed our interview, watch it here.


If you wanto see Buddy Mercury inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, consider contacting them here:


Buddy passed away 37 days ago and it's like our world stopped turning. We had no notice. We had nothing prepared. Complete and utter shock.

We know you understand. We have heard countless stories of others going through the same and we wish to send you a great big hug! The bigger the love, the bigger the loss.

And we loved Buddy BIG! You loved Buddy BIG too! 

The day we announced his passing didn't feel real and in many ways it still does not. We have been struggling. It's been over a month without our B-Buddily Boo Bear to snuggle with and take care of.

Afterall, we made a promise to him the day we adopted Bud. And we would take care of him for all of eternity if that was possible!  

Many have asked us about our plans, and we absolutely wish to rescue a pup when the time is right for our family. And hey, if this pup happens to sing or have another hidden talent, you will be the first to know! 


Buddy's Gifts

Buddy's backyard garden performance is such a gift to all of us!

He played this beautiful song on May 30th and we had no idea it would be his last piano pawformance on Earth. What a gift he gave to all of us - and we hope that by sharing with you, it also brought a smile!


He loved his backyard so much! Here are some photos to enjoy.



And speaking of photos, if you ordered any Buddy merch since his passing, we are mailing you a beautiful keepsake photo in your happy mail so be sure to check your mailbox and let us know on socials when you receive it. We would love to see Buddy's photo on your fridge or in a frame!



Our family will continue to send a monthly donation to shelters that help save animals! Your support really means the world.


Grab Yours Before They Go!

*FREE shipping and a FREE sticker with every Buddy keychain!



*free shipping applies to keychains and stickers.



Thank you so much for your love and care during this time! We have much more to share, so please stick around pals!

Glen, Laurie and Lil Sis


Helping animals and spreading joy AROO!

Buddy's tip cup

Buddy Mercury donates 10% to shelters that help save animals!


Buddy Mercury

PO Box 207

Lake Grove, NY 11755


  • I am shocked and saddened to hear of Buddy’s passing. He was such a talented Angel on earth. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Buddy in person and was forever touched by his personality and talent. My heart breaks for you and your family. He will forever be missed and loved. ❤️

    Gina Lozada
  • Dear Buddy Mercury Family, My sincere sympathy on the passing of Buddy. We do feel your pain, as we had to put down our beloved rescue Rocky Beagle a week before Buddy passed, due to Lymphoma, he was almost 13 years old. They touch us in so many ways by their unconditional love. We’ve rescued Beagles for many years and we followed Buddy. We will cherish our phone ring with his singing and all the other merchandise purchased over the years. We made sure Buddy was known in Northern California and all your efforts in making sure rescue dogs get the recognition they deserve. Thank you for keeping his memory alive!!! Peace and love to your family.

    Linda H.
  • We have been watching Buddy for many years and fell in love with him immediately. We shared him with our son after he was born in 2018. We understand your pain as we have lost two beautiful beagles ourselves. We pray that time will help you heal and you will know when it is right to fill your home and heart again.

  • So sorry to hear of Buddy Mercurys unexpected passing. I found him on Instagram one day. Having adopted a stray Beagle ( Alvin) several years ago I loved to hear Buddy sing (howl :) ) , play on the piano and watch Lil Sis with her dance moves. He will be missed. Long Live Buddy!!!! ❤️

    Diane Gann
  • I watch buddy videos, and I was surprised to have won a contest. I was shock. But I found a little kitten lost and her mother was gone. So I adopted him and named him buddy.
    I loved buddy Mercury!!!!

    Mary Fendley

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