NEW Song and Music Video Release

Hey pals,


Today I'm releasing my NEW song and music video "Happy Birthday from Buddy Mercury". This gift is for YOU - AROO!

Share it with your best friend to celebrate their birthday!
Share it with that co-worker who needs a pick-me-up!
Share it with everyone you know!

We are dedicating this release to my Grandpa on his 78th birthday!

This song is very special to me! It was recorded in my Dad's studio and features Lil Sis and I on lead vocals! Mom is playing the piano with me and also singing back-up vocals with Dad.

I'm so grateful that my Dad's an audio engineer! He was able to record, edit, produce and master this release! PLUS, he put together this incredible music video!

Helping animals and spreading joy is my mission. Let's spread a lot of joy and share this video far and wide!

Every time you celebrate a birthday you can send this video to your loved one!

You can even turn up the volume and sing along with me at that next birthday pawty!

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday To You AROO!

Enjoy this special gift!


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