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Buddy and family support cruelty free brands!  

A message from Buddy's mom, Laurie
🎉 Please send all the good mojo for a new chapter!


I've always supported beauty brands that are ethical and have never tested on animals. It's near and dear to my heart!
I joined Lemongrass Spa and couldn't feel more excited! They have been so supportive, incredible and fun! 


  • a brand making a difference, with a huge line, passion for clean skincare and toxic-free cosmetics!
  • they are based in the US with a rich 22 year history!!!!!!
  • Lemongrass has donated over 100,000 meals to Feeding America, and they have sent thousands of care packages to our active military! They also gift Loving Care Kits to cancer patients.
The Lemongrass Spa catalog is GORGEOUS! And I have a feeling you will LOVE everything you try!
    Since the day my welcome box arrived, Lil Sis and I have loved everything we try! (Glen too!) I already have a bunch of favorites! ---> Watch Lil Sis helping me to open welcome box!


    Thank you for all the love, support and kindness! ❤ 

    Click here to shop/browse!


    If you do any shopping, please choose Laurie's Launch Event 2 and we really appreciate your support! If you have any questions, feel free to email us.


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    Check out these Q&A's from the Humane Society Organization.

    Why do some cosmetics companies still use animal testing?

    When choosing to develop or use new ingredients in their cosmetic products, some companies conduct tests on animals to assess the safety of these new ingredients. This practice is both cruel and unnecessary because companies can already create innovative products using thousands of ingredients that have a history of safe use and do not require any additional testing. Plus, modern testing methods (such as human cell-based tests and sophisticated computer models) have replaced outdated animal tests with new approaches that are often faster, less expensive and more reliable.


    How do I know if my cosmetics are cruelty-free?

    There are thousands of amazing cruelty-free brands that do not test their finished products, formulations or ingredients on animals. Keep animal testing out of your shopping cart by downloading the free Leaping Bunny app. Leaping Bunny-certified brands can be found in most grocery, pharmacy, department and beauty stores. Some brands also display the Leaping Bunny logo on their products.

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