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We want to hear all about the pawsitives! Tell us something that made you happy this week! Something that made you smile!

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This contest is:

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My family and I are so thankful for YOU! Sending you love, gratitude and a big happy heart! - buddy

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  • Boomie turned 15 recently and was playing with his air Kong mini squeaker ball. He still has so much energy and enjoys jumping and walking on trails. Thank you Buddy for playing piano tunes on Twitter. Woof you! 🐾💜😎🐶

    Sarah & Boomie
  • This week I was looking at classifieds for flooring and the people selling turned out to be the children of my dearest friend. She was like a grandmother to me. We shared the love of animals and a good cup of tea. I moved two hours away but would always visit when I came to town. One day I stopped by and she was not there, I had no chance to say goodbye. When I realized the people in the ad were her children, what a blessing. We met up and they gave me some cards and pictures of her I will cherish. I told them as a child playing with her chickens, rabbits, cats and following her through her maze of a garden was the best of times. These are memories I can not thank her enough for. What a happy turn of luck this week has been for me. I am a care aide and dog rescuer now and I just want to thank you for inviting us into your family, rescuing Buddy and just bringing us joy. To all your followers love your pets and stay safe.

    Simone Villeneuve
  • I have a bright HOPE for a better tomorrow. I feed that HOPE by reading, listening, viewing and sharing pawsitive acts of kindness, selflessness, and joy. Buddy, you and your family are one of the best pawsitive experiences I’ve ever been privileged to see. You share joy that brightens my HOPE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I visited my seaside dog park this week. Watching the happy, tail wagging dogs and their antics always makes me smile. Likewise, seeing Buddy’s videos or just his face also makes me happy because of what he represents and models to the world. Thank you Buddy for being you…

    Patricia Mason
  • I recently had a mastectomy and my doctor said I am recovering really well. Thanks to Buddy Mercury’s videos who always make me smile and brighten my day.

    Maria Erlindson

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