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Comment on this blog and answer the question: What is one thing you are thankful for?

Thank you for being a Budster!

I hope you enjoy this totally PAWSOME Thankful Contest! One lucky Budster will WIN all of this valued at over $100!!!!!!!!!

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  • and of course lots of doggie treats will be included as well for your pup (these are not pictured, but will be included if you win)!


My Thankful Contest ends on November 27, 2019.
Winner to be announced on November 29, 2019 (The day after Thanksgiving!)

It's November and already the beginning of the holiday season! My family and I are so thankful for YOU! Sending you love, gratitude and happiness - and wishes for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving season! 

Good luck Budsters, and thank you for being subscriber! AROOO!!!!!!
*Contest winner must comment on this blog with one thing they are thankful for and be a Buddy Mercury email subscriber.


  • I have four rescues, one dog Petey, a jack russell terrier and three cats from the streets. Petey was rescued from those horrible conditions in Lancaster, pa, with the help of my daughter. Petey is with me since 2010, and since then, he had to have his eyes removed due to painful glaucoma, after a few years of expensive meds to keep his pressure down. Now, he us very happy, painfree and plays catch with his ball, happy as a lark. My three cats all rescued from the streets, rusty, rocky and gritty. They are all happy at home with me, and I couldn’t be happier with them.

    Betty Cunicelli
  • God bless Buddy Mercury and family at Thanksgiving time and all year through with much good health and happiness. My husband and I are always excited for Buddy’s next performance! Our rescue kitty "Beanie " was born without a tail and we are just in love with her, because she brings so very much love and happiness to our lives! We are thankful for being able to provide a nice home, plenty of love and a lot of goid food for Beanie. We also are thankful for the opportunity to be ASPCA Guardians by donating $19.00 a month to rescue abandoned and abused anomals. You are truly Gods best because you not only adopted a shelter pup, but you also donate a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters in nerd. God bless you and your family there’s a place in heaven for all of you!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all. Don’t eat too much turkey.

    Cindy Capra
  • I’m thankful for the smile Buddy puts on my face after a long stressful day where I work in the Neonatal ICU.

  • Buddy is almost identical to our Russell – he is a Beagle x Corgi who has adopted us and lived with us now for nearly seven years. Unfortunately, he does not sing like Buddy but he is very chatty and extremely protective of our son, David. We love Buddy!

    Robin Blackburn
  • I am so thankful I get to share my home with so many rescue animals….Chauncey, Cuervo, Mijo, Harry, and Chance are my dogs. Swiper and Ming are my cats. I am so blessed to be able to shelter and feed them on my own. I am thankful for the love they give me in return.

    Shari Taylor

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