The Family Pet Expo

Such a fun family weekend!

During the first weekend of March, I went to this gigantic pet expo with my family! I thought my sister would have more fun than me, but I was wrong! 

As soon as I walked in I was treated like a celebrity! Luckily the lighting was good so I didn't have to endure a lot of flash photography.


A really nice guy drew this picture of me right before our eyes! He was super cool and my Dad said he's an artist. Sounds like we have something in common.


So then things started to get a little weird. My family and I sat down on the bleachers to take in a show. I was a little horrified for this furry friend but he was a professional! Seemed like he's done this before.


You had to see this to believe it! A DOG CONGA LINE!


Dude. I even met a pig named Bacon.


There were TONS of pet vendors there. Mom and Dad had the chance to really spoil me rotten. That's why I think I enjoyed it more than my sister because there really weren't any toys or candy. Check me out trying on my new wool coat!


I really hope my family takes me back to this thing next year! It was so much fun and I got to sniff, sniff, sniff all weekend long!

- buddy mercury 

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