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A Vote for Buddy is a vote for 3 meals a day!!!

🥓 Bacon for breakfast!
🍔 Burgers for lunch!
🥩 Filet Mignon for dinner!
🐾 3 walks a day, A fire hydrant at every corner!
🦴 Automatic treat dispensers in every home!
🐕‍🦺 Longer leashes, Dog park hours extended!
🐶 MORE doggie day spas, EVEN MORE belly rubs!
🏐 A squeaker in every ball, A bone in every bed!
🇺🇲 Vote for Buddy Mercury and together we will rescue all the animals!
He's everybody's dog, now he's everybody's President!
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Photo credit: Liz Degen Photography
Your support would mean the world to us! Buddy Mercury donates a pawcentage of every purchase directly to shelters that help save animals!

Shop our limited collection - Vote for Buddy!

The Vote for Buddy Contest has ended.

Contest ends 10/3/20.
3 winners announced on 10/4/20!


  • My rescued beagle Lexi and her terrier mix sister Sammi love to listen to Buddy play the piano. And they whole heartedly support Buddy’s platform!!!

    Robert Riggsbee
  • I’m a cat person, but I absolutely love Buddy. A truly remarkable and adorable pooch.

    Liz Gardiner
  • I have 2 dogs Coco she’s 6 years old and Riley she’s 3months old. They both look at my cellphone when I watch one of your videos.
    They are both voting for you Buddy.
    Take care and please stay safe.
    Say Hi!! To your Mom and Dad and Lil Sis.

    Susan Leonka

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