Your rescued pet could be featured in my 2022 calendar!


Happy Fall, pals!

That old expression, the show must go on, is true!

It's that exciting time of year when my hoomans are hard at work on next year's calendar AROO!

Animal adoption is very close to our hearts -- and yours -- so, we're giving you an opportunity to have your rescued pet featured in the Buddy Mercury 2022 calendar!

If your pet is selected, the animal shelter you adopted from will get a shout out in my 2022 calendar. Plus, my family will send a donation to them next year as well!

Giving back is important to us.

Thank you for opening up your heart and your home AROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


***Entries are now closed as of October 18, 2021. The 12 selected pets will be announced soon! AROO! Thank you!



*No rescues are excluded. If you rescued your pet on the street or from your vet, we will make the donation to your favorite local animal shelter. Donations are made during the month your rescued pet is featured! We're SO excited to launch Buddy's 2022 calendar AROOO!!!!!!!

Thank you!

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