Vote for Buddy Bundle
Vote for Buddy Bundle

Vote for Buddy Bundle

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Buddy Mercury donates a percentage of every purchase directly to shelters that help save animals!

Each Vote for Buddy bundle includes free shipping and a lot of fun!

*** Limited stock of bundles available! ***

  • 4 campaign buttons (1 of each button design)
  • 100 sheet notepad - HE'S GOT MY VOTE!
  • 2 bumper stickers - VOTE FOR BUDDY


Special price of $29.50 is for U.S. customers only.

Shipping may take 10 to 14 business days for the Vote for Buddy bundle. Thank you for your patience!


We love our International customers, too! And we are happy to ship these bundles internationally. There will be a slightly higher price due to the increased shipping cost from the U.S. Please add the Vote for Buddy Bundle - International to your cart if you live outside of the U.S. (Will be available for International shipping after 9/28/2020. Thank you!