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Getting to know Buddy Mercury!

How old is Buddy Mercury?

Buddy Mercury was adopted through a foster rescue in May 2016. They estimated he was 12 to 14 months old at the time. 

Buddy Mercury the singing piano playing beagle who portrays Freddie Mercury from the band Queen playing the piano with piano collar.

What breed is Buddy Mercury?

He is a bagle hound! A cross between a beagle and a basset hound.


How long has Buddy Mercury played piano?

Since July 2016


How did he learn to play piano?

He is self taught - he plays by ear! 


How often does Buddy Mercury play piano?

He plays on average 2 to 3x a day!


Does he have to be prompted to play?

Nope; He plays when he's in the mood!



Does Buddy Mercury have any musical influences?

Yes! Buddy Mercury's Dad who is a drummer and also Freddie Mercury of Queen!


When is Buddy Mercury's World Tour?

We will be scheduling select public appearances soon. Please sign up for Buddy Mercury's newsletter for more information! (scroll to bottom of site)


Can I buy Buddy Mercury's album?

Yes! Buddy Mercury's debut album, Buddy Mercury Sings the Blues, is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify! 50% of album proceeds are donated directly to shelters that help save animals!

Buddy fans love turning their favorite dog's song into their new ring tone!