An update about Buddy's health

Hi pal,

It's Buddy Mercury's mom and dad here, Laurie and Glen.

We are so overwhelmed by your kindness to Buddy and our family! We are so grateful and appreciate all of your support.

We promised to keep you updated on Buddy's eye condition.

This past month we brought him for his follow-up eye specialist visit (to see Dr. Noelle La Croix). We don't expect to receive good news at these visits because we understand his diagnosis.

If you missed the news, Buddy has an inherited eye disease - PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). We learned about this a few months ago and if you missed the details, you can read our first blog about it by clicking here.

So at Dr. La Croix's office we learned that Buddy also has a heart murmur. We're glad she caught it and within a few days we had Buddy back to our regular vet's office to confirm. Dr. Howe is very loving and kind - she was able to fit Buddy in the next day to see the Cardiologist.

Buddy had his first echo which showed a slight murmur on the right side, and a bit worse on the left side. The good news is that he does not need any heart medicine at this time, but he'll need to have a repeat echo test in 6 months. We were relieved to get this news after quite a few days of worry!

But back to Buddy's eyes. He is not in any pain but we want to ensure his eye pressure is in the normal range so he goes to see the eye specialist 2 - 3x a year in addition to his regular vet visits.

None of this has stopped Buddy! He continues to be a star pawformer, enjoys walkies and play time! And he is getting around fairly well despite his condition.

Buddy continues to be on three prescription eye drops for both eyes. These medications help him, but he will never be able to see again and is almost completely blind now.


And he remains on his eye health vitamin too, 2x a day with meals.

We've known about Buddy's condition for over a year now and we've settled in to acceptance. You'll notice changes in Buddy's eyes in his photos and videos. But despite the changes you see, there is nothing more to be done for him right now.


Even with the prescription eye drop protocol and eye vitamins, it doesn't mean that his eyes are healing.

Sadly, there is no cure for PRA. And though it's heartbreaking for we humans to hear that, Dr. La Croix reminded us that this is not bothering Buddy.

Buddy uses his other senses to help him get around! And you know what? We have noticed one very distinct change. He has become a LAP DOG!

Prior to his vision changes you would really have to pick him up and place him in your lap. Now he just jumps right on your lap and snuggles in! Pretty incredible and no one is complaining.

We're grateful that Buddy will live a long, happy life and since dogs are so adaptable, he will be okay. Oh, and his next ophthalmology follow up appointment is in March. In between ophthalmology appointments, he sees our regular vet to check his eye pressure.

Many of you have asked how to help. We can feel your good vibes, healing energy, prayers and love! And that's all we need - Buddy is in good hands and we'll do everything possible to take the best care of him.

We made that promise the day we rescued him. And Buddy's diagnosis will not stand in the way of our mission to help animals and spread joy!

If you wish to sponsor a special gift for Buddy, here's a place to leave a tip.

And if you're adding Buddy to your Christmas card list, here is our mailing address:

Buddy Mercury
c/o The Wolfe Family
PO Box 207
Lake Grove, NY 11755

Thank you for being part of our community! The holidays are here and we have lots of happiness to spread! The world needs ALL THE LOVE!

Have a happy week ahead,
and Glen

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  • Also, we wish Buddy the best health now and always. Buddy is a remarkable boy, he will continue on this journey with his family beside him, loving and caring for him but, mostly spreading joy and happiness everywhere he goes!

    Carol and Dean
  • So, today I had the incredibly opportunity to meet Buddy and his Dad in person! Turns out we are practically neighbors!!! Small world.
    Buddy is an ADORABLE, SWEET, AMAZING, HANDSOME and I see now, VERY TALENTED boy!!!!! It was a pleasure to meet him and look forward to seeing more of his singing and piano playing.

    Please support Buddy to help rescued animals and to bring about awareness…there is no better cause.


    Carol and Dean
  • We rescued 2 beagles when we lived in Ohio; Hank and Caleb. Buddy, you could be Hank’s twin. I read your Mom’s blog and it makes me sad that you’ve lost your sight but I know that you’re doing great and that your other senses help you. Sadly Caleb and Hank have crossed over the rainbow bridge but we think of them every day and miss them terribly. They had a wonderful life, they were lucky to move to British Columbia, Canada which is where I from. They got to walk in the ocean, take trips to the forests and enjoyed chasing the wild rabbits that visited us every morning in our yard. My husband just adores beagles! We really enjoy seeing Buddy on IG, he’s just so adorable. Please give him ear and chin scratches from us. AROOOOOO! 🥰❤️🐾 Bietta

    Bietta Brewer

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